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Wharf and Container Transport

Shipping Container Transportation 

Tranz Logistics is equipped to handle all your requirements with our fleet of container vehicles, capable of lifting, carrying, storing, and delivering containers promptly and efficiently, regardless of location or time constraints. Whether it's between terminals, customer warehouses, or container parks, we are committed to meeting every deadline. Our container division offers a comprehensive service, ensuring seamless transportation from the wharf to your doorstep. 

With over 30 years of experience serving clients across various industries, we guarantee a professional and reliable logistics solution tailored to your needs. We understand the importance of time sensitivity, from the arrival at the wharf to the delivery of loose cargo and the return of hired vehicles, and we prioritize efficiency every step of the way. 

Wharf Transportation Services 

In our wharf transport division, we offer comprehensive services covering container cartage, unpacking, distribution, fumigation, quarantine facilities, and container storage. Brisbane companies relying on our services recognize our commitment to meticulously fulfilling every import requirement of their projects to the highest standards. Our services include: 

  • Side-Loader and Skel Trailers 
  • One-Stop and Hutchinson Wharf Manifesting 
  • Experienced and Courteous MSIC Drivers 
  • In-House Staff Dedicated to Customer Service 
  • Extensive Industry Knowledge Built Over Years 

Comprehensive Logistics Solutions 

At Team Transport and Logistics, our fleet comprises of a wide range of vehicles, spanning from small taxi trucks to semi-trailers and heavy haulage vehicles. This extensive range enables us to address a wide spectrum of needs, encompassing freight forwarding, interstate haulage, and special project solutions. We are committed to delivering a comprehensive service with an emphasis on professionalism, exceptional customer service, and value for money. 

Backed by our friendly team, who possess extensive experience in supplying a diverse range of specialized equipment and services to over 1500 companies, we are confident in our ability to provide your company with a complete transport business solution. 


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