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Weed & Seed Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle and Machinery Hygiene Inspections 

If you possess or utilize a vehicle in Queensland, it's imperative to ensure it is devoid of any declared plant species or reproductive materials. To assist with this, our vehicle and machinery hygiene inspection and washdown services are conveniently offered on-site at Forest Lake Qld and Spotswood. 

Meeting Transport Requirements 

Tranz  Logistics specializes in biosecurity and weed hygiene inspection services. In the past couple of years, we have been delivering washdown and vehicle/machinery hygiene inspection services to Brisbane and its surrounding areas. 

Our services ensure compliance with National clean-down standards, and upon completion, we provide a vehicle/machinery inspection certificate. Our certified inspectors are available both on and off-site to cater to your needs. 

At our sites, we offer washing services for light vehicles, trucks, trailers, and light machinery. Our Port facility features a full washdown pad equipped with a state-of-the-art high-pressure cleaner system that utilizes both hot and cold water and air. Cleaning with hot water significantly reduces the presence of germs without the need for disinfectants, contributing to environmental protection and resource conservation. Additionally, we have oil and grease catchment tanks in place to enhance environmental protection measures. 

Visual Inspection and Shake down 

Initially, our inspection process begins with a comprehensive visual assessment of the vehicle, covering areas such as the radiator, wheel wells, and running boards. We pay special attention to inspecting the carpets, floor mats, and seats within the cab. If any suspicious seeds are detected, they are promptly brushed off before leaving the site. 

In the event that seeds, or vegetative materials are discovered, or if they cannot be easily removed, the vehicle is directed to a designated facility within the core infestation area. Here, we adhere to the prescribed procedures outlined in the "washdown" recommendations. Furthermore, it is essential for the operator to ensure that all personal effects, including toolboxes, equipment, and clothing, are thoroughly checked for contaminants before departing from the site. 

Washdown Services 

The cleaning process involves thoroughly addressing all exposed areas of the vehicle using compressed air, a vacuum, brushing, or a high-pressure spray. Special emphasis is placed on cleaning the carpets, floor mats, and seats within the cab, as well as the wheel wells, running boards, and radiator. Before departing a contaminated area, the operator is responsible for ensuring that all clothing, toolboxes, and storage compartments are entirely free of contaminants. 

It's essential that every washdown is carried out at a designated washdown facility. Prior to leaving an area, all reasonable measures must be taken to ensure that both the operator and the vehicle, including toolboxes and equipment, are completely free of contaminants. 

Vehicle Inspection FAQs  

Why do I need a weed Hygiene Declaration? 

Under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002, it is considered an offense to fail to provide a Weed Hygiene Declaration or any other written notice before supplying an item that may be contaminated with the reproductive material of Class 2 declared plants. These plants include: 

  • Parthenium weed 
  • Prickly acacia 
  • Giant rat’s tail grass 
  • American rat’s tail grass 
  • Giant Parramatta grass 
  • Parramatta grass 

Violating this regulation may result in a penalty of up to $40,000. The movement and transportation of machinery, vehicles, and equipment to and from specific regions are significant contributors to the ongoing outbreak and spread of noxious weeds. Fines may be imposed for the negligent spread of weed. 

Can I be fined if my Vehicle/Machinery is not washed down? 

Moving or transporting by road without taking reasonable steps to restrict the release of weeds, or to ensure a vehicle is free of the reproductive material of a declared pest, has a penalty of up to $20,000. 

What are the two parts of the Weed Hygiene Declaration?  

The Weed Hygiene Declaration (Part 1) was developed to inform people about the weed contamination status of vehicles and machinery. 

The Weed Hygiene Declaration (Part 2) was developed to provide assurance that a vehicle is clean, or a vehicle’s load is secured to restrict the release of soil or other organic material that is likely to contain the reproductive material of a declared pest prior to moving or transporting the vehicle or thing by road. 



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