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Fork Mounted Trucks

Forklift truck Hire in Australia 

At Tranz Logistics, our fleet boasts trucks equipped with forklifts mounted on the rear of the trailer, offering customers an exceptionally efficient end-to-end transport solution. With these fork-mounted trucks, you benefit from a streamlined process, as our drivers are fully trained and licensed to operate the forklifts. 

This means that with just one vehicle and one operator, we can manage the entire loading, transportation, and unloading process. Imagine the cost and time savings achieved by eliminating the need for additional staff and equipment to handle your freight! 

Forklift Truck Fleet 

Capable of carrying up to 22 tons of freight and equipped with a forklift capacity of 1.7 tons, our fleet of fork-mounted trucks offers an ideal solution for transporting palletized loads like tiles, scaffolding, bricks, and masonry. Our forklift truck rentals are well-suited for various applications, boasting suitability for rough terrain and fewer restrictions on access requirements. With their versatility and robust capabilities, they offer a reliable solution for your transportation needs. 

New Additions  

In our ongoing commitment to provide top-tier services and equipment tailored to our customers' needs, we're excited to introduce some new additions to our forklift truck hire fleet: 

  1. DAF Prime Mover Semi Trailers featuring Moffet M5 forklifts. These units are capable of accommodating 18-20 pallet spaces and boast a load capacity of 22 tons. 
  1. A state-of-the-art DAF CF85 8x4 with an 8-meter tray and a load capacity of 13 tons has joined our fleet. Equipped with a Moffett M5, it can effortlessly load/unload 2 tons from one side of the vehicle, making it ideal for sites with limited access. Moreover, it can handle 2.5 tons when access to both sides of the truck is available. 
  1. As an additional safety measure, our Moffett’s are remotely operated for loading and unloading, effectively eliminating any risks associated with working at heights. 

These latest additions underscore our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and safety in serving our customers' diverse needs. 


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