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Plant and Equipment Hire

Plants and Equipment Services: 

Tranz Logistics specializes in providing an extensive range of plant and equipment services tailored to meet project-specific requirements. Our offerings encompass a diverse selection of trucks and commercial vehicles, including: 

  • crane trucks 
  • water trucks 
  •  fuel trucks 
  •  off-road trucks 
  • service trucks 
  • flatbed trucks 
  •  fitters/mechanics trucks 
  •  specialized vehicles 
  •  and tilt trays  

Additionally, Tranz Logistics offers an "All-Inclusive Package" for major projects, comprising site setup of mobile workshops for heavy vehicle repairs and maintenance, full fleet options covering heavy haulage and light vehicle packages, comprehensive reporting on truck conditions and incident notifications, mobile mechanic services with equipped 4WD trucks, unlimited kilometers for rented vehicles, provision of tire machine/fitting containers and tires as needed, and access to additional trucks as required. This holistic approach ensures that clients have access to a complete suite of services and support for their plant and equipment needs throughout their projects. 

Fleet List 

  • 4x4 Crane Trucks  
  • 4x4 Flat Deck Trucks  
  • 4x4 Off Road Busses  
  • 6x4 Crane Trucks  
  • 6x4 Flat Deck Trucks  
  • 4x2 Commuter Busses  
  • 8x4 Crane Trucks  
  • 6x4 Rigid Water Trucks  
  • 4x4 Truck Bus Combinations  
  • 8x8 Crane Trucks  
  • 8x4 Rigid Water Trucks  
  • Prime Mover with Crane   
  • 4x4 Fuel Trucks  
  • Fuel and Service Modules  
  • Prime Movers  
  • 4x4 Service Trucks  
  • Fire Fighting Trailers  
  • Extendable Trailers  
  • 4x4 Fitter Mechanic Trucks  
  • Heavy Haulage Floats  
  • Drop Deck Trailers 

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